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Best Cinematography Winner - “Transition”
Team - Dancing Ponies
Team Captain - Christine Ann Iglesias

"I would just like to say that this was actually my first time being involved in a narrative, fictional film. In fact, this was the first time I ever did cinematography work. I studied broadcasting and electronic communication in SF state where news delivery and radio & television production were the main focuses. And now I do event videography and promotional videos for small business and corporations with Christine. So this was definitely a new and exciting experience.

That hard 24 hour deadline made it even more fun. Despite all of the stress and sleepless night, this was totally worth it. I would absolutely encourage people to participate. It's a great way to practice filmmaking and editing skills and to put those skills to the test. You learn to be resourceful and to take advantage of what's available to you (light, locations, gear, people) and how crucial pre-production is. It also is a way to practice making deadlines, working as team, and taking initiative in roles unfamiliar to you. But what I really got from this experience is how to shape a story, how to mold it outside of the box, how to make it meaningful, and how to keep it steady under certain themes.

You have nothing to lose (except 1 night of sleep) and so much to gain from this experience. Even if you can't make the deadline, it's always great to just see what other people can come up with. As you can tell, I absolutely loved participating and am already thinking about how to make our workflow even faster for next year. Thanks Adam for providing this opportunity to make films in a different way." - Cielo, Dancing Ponies cinematographer

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