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Second Place Winner - “24 Hours to Live Day”
Team - Team: L.I.F.E.
Team Captain - John Neira

"This contest a true test of patience and efficiency. You don't have a lot of time to come up with the story, and even less time to shoot one, and little to no time for an edit. That is when passion comes into play, and that's what I love about this contest. Passion drives your creativity forward, and it is an absolute blast to come up with a short film that showcases that. Everyone is on their A-game at this point, and overall, it is just a great experience to be surrounded by those who are just as passionate as yourself. Watching the films play out on the big screen with a huge audience is just an amazing feeling. I hope teams continue coming out to participate in the Filmmaker Frenzy, because I'm anxiously waiting to join once more." - John Neira


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